Work History

2007-present  Professor of Employment and Development Economics, ISS, The Hague (emeritus since 2015)

  •  Member of the UN Committee for Development Policy 
  • Member of the Development Cooperation Committee  (AIV-COS), Dutch Government, 
  • Board of Trustees KNCV Tuberculosis Fund, the Hague 
  • Advisor various international research programs
  • Visiting Professor:  UNU graduate summer course  (till 2015)
  • Board member: INCLUDE, IDEAS, Global Social Policy Review, Global Business Review

2005- June 2008 Director, Policy Coherence Group, Integration Department, ILO, Geneva

  • Management of the group
  • Coordinating Activities in on Decent Work
  • Preparing major documents for ILO on International Economic and Financial policies
  • Representing the ILO at intergovernmental, interagency and expert group meetings
  • Organising consultations, forums and technical meetings
  • Developing and managing research programmes and networking with global research institutes

2002-05  Manager, Technical Secretariat, World Commission on the Social Dimension of Globalisation (Established by the ILO), Geneva

  • Management responsibility of technical secretariat and advice to top level management
  • Preparing major documents for the Commission
  • Representing the Secretariat at intergovernmental, interagency and expert group meetings
  • Organising technical meetings
  • Networking with global research institutes

1999-01  Chief, Macroeconomic and Development Policies Group, Employment Sector, ILO, Geneva

  • Coordinate research on macroeconomic policies, employment, income distribution and poverty
  • Representing the Employment Sector in internal task forces and coordinating bodies
  • Liaising with the field structure on macroeconomic and employment policies
  • Liaising with World Bank, IMF and various other UN organizations on macroeconomic policies, poverty, and employment as well as providing inputs to global events
  • Networking with UNU-WIDER and other global research institutes

1997-99  Manager, Action Programme on Structural Adjustment, ILO, Geneva

  • Coordinating research employment planning, structural adjustment and social consensus building
  • Coordinating field activities on structural adjustment and social consensus building
  • Liaising with the World Bank, IMF and other UN organisations on structural adjustment social consensus building
  • Organizing inter-agency missions and meetings on employment and structural adjustment
  • Adviser to the UN Staff College on economic development issues

1994-96 Head, Employment and Policy Unit, ILO, Geneva.

  • Coordinating research on employment planning, poverty and structural adjustment
  • Coordination of ILO field activities on employment planning.
  • Organizing inter-agency missions and meetings on employment, poverty and economic reform
  • Liaising with donor agencies on financing projects on employment and structural adjustment
  • Promotion of ILO concerns on employment planning and structural adjustment
  • Coordinating country activities for follow-up to the World Summit for Social Development

1991-94  Manager, Interdepartmental Project on Structural Adjustment, ILO Geneva.

  • Managing Interdepartmental Project on Structural Adjustment
  • Promotion of ILO concerns on adjustment and employment
  • Coordination of ILO work on structural adjustment
  • Setting up research and technical advisory programme role of the public sector and adjustment
  • Inter-agency structural adjustment missions
  • Preparation for 2nd High-Level Meeting on Structural Adjustment and Employment
  • Advisor to the JCGP Sub-Group on Adjustment
  • Member of the External Advisory Board of World Bank SDA activities

1988-91  Chief Economist, UNICEF, New York.

  • Coordination of adjustment activities
  • Responsible for research on adjustment
  • Organisation of country assessment missions on adjustment
  • Organisation of seminars and training programmes on adjustment
  • Acting for Deputy Director, UNICEF on economic and adjustment issues
  • Chairperson of the JCGP Sub-Group on Adjustment
  • Member of the External Advisory Board of World Bank SDA Activities

1982-88  Senior Research Economist, World Employment Programme, ILO, Geneva.

  • Management of the project on simulation models on basic needs
  • Review and forward planning of World Employment Programme
  • Contributions to ILO World Labour Reports
  • Setting up new research programme on the socioeconomic effects of stabilisation policies
  • Organisation of Tripartite High-Level Meeting on Employment and Adjustment

1978-82  Research Economist at World Employment Programme, ILO, Geneva.

  • Member of research team constructing macroeconomic models to evaluate basic needs policies, responsible for constructing socio economic simulation models in India and Kenya
  • Research on income distribution and basic needs in general
  •  Preparation of the 1979 follow-up of the World Employment Conference

1976-78  Team member of Jobs and Skills Programme for Africa, ILO, Addis Ababa.

  • Participation in final editing of JASPA reports to Zambia and Swaziland
  • Preparation and participation employment advisory missions to Tanzania, Niger, Sierra Leone
  • Participating in final drafting of reports Tanzania, Niger Sierra Leone
  • Research on income inequality and basic needs in Africa

1974-76  Associate Expert, ILO Area Office, Lusaka, Zambia.

  • Assistant to the Director of the Office, administration of projects, scholarships, organisation of seminars, negotiations with UNDP
  • Research on income distribution in Zambia
  • Preparation and participation in ILO Employment advisory mission to Zambia and Swaziland, responsible for sections on incomes policy, basic needs and macroeconomic projections.

1972-73  Research Officer, “Stichting Economisch Onderzoek”, University of Amsterdam.

  • Estimation long-term budget for the Department of Education of the Municipality of Amsterdam
  • Development of computer model assessing degree of sufficiency of social expenditure by municipalities in the Netherlands